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Wolf Midstream/
NGL Permanent Powerlines


Project Details

Location: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Project Start date:  June 9, 2021
Project completion date: April 6, 2023

Project Highlights

  • Our team completed the estimate and design of 7.8km of overhead and underground powerlines.
  • Primary’s construction crew completed the construction of overhead powerlines.
  • Completion of bulk estimate for Three-Phase single circuit to provide electrical power of 25 kV up to 18 MVA.
  • Designed a Three-Phase double circuit powerline with overhead and underground distribution and completed an estimate, including a neutral wire, for the same powerline.
  • Technical design and approval for two river crossings, two railway crossings and three AltaLink transmission line crossings.
  • Stringing ropes were shot 230 meters across the North Saskatchewan River to facilitate the installation of the overhead conductors. (Watch the video on the right!)

Project Description

Primary was contracted by FortisAlberta to estimate and design both overhead and underground powerlines for the Wolf Midstream plant, providing 25 kV up to 18 MVA of new service. Our construction crew also completed the construction of overhead powerlines. Initially, the project scope involved a single circuit of a three-phase powerline with a neutral wire. However, considering reliability concerns and the need for uninterrupted plant operations, the project was upgraded to double-circuit powerlines.

During the project, we faced challenges meeting the client’s high load demand. To overcome this, a suitable substation capable of handling the required power usage was identified. Upgrading and reconstructing the existing lines with larger conductors allowed us to connect the substation to the site. This involved creating new overhead and underground alignments, and navigating river crossings with two circuits of three-phase configurations. We successfully executed crossings of an underground AltaLink transmission line in three locations and installed an underground system to cross CN railway tracks at two locations.

Despite challenging weather conditions, the Primary design and construction teams collaborated seamlessly, overcoming obstacles and successfully completing the project on schedule.

PRI Wolf Midstream
PRI Wolf Midstream
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