Our Expertise

Ensuring successful connection to the electrical grid

Design of private electrical systems to connect industrial and renewable power customers to utility transmission and distribution infrastructure.


Our interconnection team specializes in getting your site connected to the electrical grid. From 25kV distribution to transmission interconnections, we ensure your connection project gets the technical expertise it needs. We provide the coordination with utilities to ensure the process is a smooth as possible.

The key to ensuring a successful interconnection project is to ensure milestone approvals are obtained along the way. A quick turnaround on conceptual design approval from the local utility is critical. Once approved, moving forward on detailed design elements such as component and protection architectures allows for the project requirements to take shape. Long lead/major materials specifications form part of the detailed design phase and are released as soon as possible. Once material shop drawings are received, quick turnaround of the documentation is key to avoid delays in the manufacturing process. Finally, all approved shop drawings and final designs are collated into one coherent package for construction bids. Primary supports our customers through ensuring on-site time with construction contractors and commissioning agents ensuring every energization goes off smoothly.

Our services include:

Industrial power systems (privately owned)

  • Medium and low voltage distribution design
  • Electrical diagram generation (single line, three line, cabinet schematics, etc.)
  • Site plan layout to meet client needs and constraints
  • Structure design and layout
  • Construction and/or Construction Management
  • Equipment specification including medium and low voltage switchgear, transformers, etc.
  • PLS-CADD modeling
  • Arc flash studies
  • Protection and control studies

Soil Testing and Grounding

  • Soil resistivity testing using 4-point Wenner test
  • Ground grid safety verification per CEC section 36 using multi-layer CDEGs analysis
  • Analysis of various grid geometries
  • Determination of ground potential rise (GPR)
  • Determination of step and touch potential safety limits
  • Evaluation of step and touch potentials
  • Grounding verification using fall of potential test methods

Substations (privately owned)

  • Single Line Diagram generation from customer requirements
  • Station layout
  • Structure design including development of:
  • Steel structure erection drawings
  • Electrical component details
  • Clearances and specification of HV and MV equipment and shop drawing review for:
  • Power Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Line switches
  • VTs, CVTs and CTs
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Control building design
  • Control rack and electrical panel layout and design
  • Protection architecture definition, studies and settings specification
  • Pre-Construction validation of protection settings through use of Primary’s Protection and Communications Lab
  • Lightning Protection Studies
  • Ancillary electrical system designs
  • Communications equipment
  • Battery backup systems
  • SCADA integration
  • Communications equipment specification

Renewable Energy Engineering

  • Organize system interconnection
  • Conduct wind and solar studies
  • Manage community power assessments
  • Develop microgrid design
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