About Primary

What defines US

We power our team and their ideas.

We power our clients and their objectives.

We power our communities and their potential.

We are here to empower you. Think of us as the neighbour with the fully loaded tool shed eager to lend a helping hand. We support you, but also guide you, relying on our knowledge and experience to navigate and find creative solutions. We provide our people with the opportunity to determine their own career path and fulfill their ambitions. We empower our clients by tailoring our solutions to their specific needs. We strengthen our community by connecting them to what’s possible today and providing a solid foundation for tomorrow.


our approach

Primary consists of good people
 committed to progress

Our relationships come first and are built on a foundation of communication, honesty, and commitment. As entrepreneurs, we are open-minded and down-to-earth individuals driven to further the progress of our people, our clients and our communities. We care, which means we are always willing to improve and adapt to better help our clients and each other. We enjoy every challenge and rely on our experience to create solutions to complex problems that fit our clients’ needs and makes their lives easier.

core values



The safety and well-being of our people, our clients, and our communities is our top priority in any work we do and never compromised.

People First

We do what’s right for the people we work with. From open and honest communication to finding new and different solutions to better address their needs, everything we do puts our employees, our clients and the communities we work in first.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe in hard work, seeing the big picture, and thinking outside the box. We focus on continuous improvement, stay flexible and ready to adapt, and always strive to be better than we were yesterday. We take pride and ownership in everything we do.

Quality Above Expectations

We set our standard baseline high, meeting and exceeding that standard to ensure we can be proud of the work we do and that our clients know they’re in good hands.


Relationship Driven

We prioritize relationships over transactions and collaborate with each other, our clients, and our communities to find common ground and achieve the best outcome possible. We prefer meaningful, face-to-face communication to make sure we’re on the same page as those we work with.


Trust allows us to do our best work. We make a point of building trust with each other and with our clients to ensure we can always be counted on to do what’s right.


Good People

We are genuine, loyal, down-to-earth, honest, accountable, and committed. We are the friends and neighbours who are always willing to help, seek to do what’s right, and try to make someone’s life a little better.

Celebrated History