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Banff National Park Cable Replacement Upgrade

Banff National Park, Alberta

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Project Highlights/Challenges

• Replaced distribution feeder cables egressing the substation to upgrade aging infrastructure and increase reliability for the park and surrounding customers.
• Coordinated unique directional drilling techniques using a hammer and ring method, which is required when encountering hard rock formations.
• Constructed a 30-ton bridge over a protected body of water.
• Installed steel casing under an active railway and nearby TransCanada Highway.

Project Description

Primary was contracted to replace aging infrastructure in Banff National Park using trenching and drilling techniques, and install overhead power poles using live line methods. Our teams completed the project in an iconic federal park and encountered several unique challenges. These challenges included limited daytime schedules, wildlife restrictions, rugged terrains, complex access requirements, ecologically-sensitive vegetation areas, and extreme weather conditions.

This area is known for its multi-level hard rock formations, which require unique directional drilling techniques using a hammer and ring method that pulverizes rock into small pieces and dust. The ring bits needed for this task were imported from Europe.

To create accessible transportation corridors, our team constructed a 30-ton bridge over a protected body of water and installed steel casing underneath an active railway line and the nearby TransCanada Highway.

Primary collaborated closely with our client, subcontractors, multiple utility owners and Banff National Park representation to ensure the project’s success.

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