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Sunterra Farms


Project Start date: Aug 5, 2021
Project completion date: Oct 19, 2021

Project Highlights/Challenges

  • Constructed and rebuilt 13 kilometres of overhead and underground powerline to supply an 8 MVA service
  • Overhead sections consisted of a double circuit installation, leaning and salvaging of existing pole lines, cutting over existing customers to the newly installed overhead powerline and installation of rural step-down substation and regulator
  • Underground sections involved trench excavation and directional drilling to install high voltage feeder conductors and a Pad Mount Primary Meter.

Project Description

Founded in 1970, Sunterra Farms is a family-owned Alberta company and leader in pig production, with additional services that include cropping and greenhouse production.

To facilitate Sunterra’s construction of new greenhouses required to grow their own fruits and vegetables for their marketplace, Primary was contracted by the local utility to build the main feed from the nearest substation to the Sunterra property. This project involved several potential challenges, including an extremely tight timeline to hit the next development milestone. Despite these challenges, Primary crews met all deadlines and in-service dates and completed all live-line work to avoid power disruptions.

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