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Calgary Cable Replacement


Project Details

Location: Community of Dalhousie in Calgary, Alberta
Project Start date:  May 24, 2022
Project completion date: Aug 3, 2022

Project Highlights

  • Primary provided crews to complete the civil scope of a cable replacement project.
  • Responsible for the excavation of energized cables by hydrovac or directional drilling, and the installation of 100mm conduit.
  • Worked closely with Enmax crews on customer outages and upgrading of concrete pads and transformers.
  • Landscaped and remediated work areas back to their original state.

Project Description

Primary proactively replaced existing infrastructure, including cables and transformers, in the Dalhousie neighbourhood of northwest Calgary. Our crews excavated over-energized cables in city parks and backyards to install new conduits. We also assisted Enmax crews on customer outages and the upgrading of concrete pads and transformers.

Following the installation process, Primary crews landscaped and remediated the former worksites that covered areas in city parks and customer backyards.  Some of the challenges included working in spaces that provided limited access to our equipment. Our crews were careful around mature trees, including those with excessive tree roots. We also followed strict safety standards during a wetter-than-normal spring, which caused saturated ground conditions and trench cave-ins.


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