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Experts at managing small to large-scale projects, Primary’s experienced construction team provides services related to shallow utilities in commercial and residential subdivisions, in addition to joint use and municipal street lighting projects. Our knowledge allows us to easily and quickly adapt which means we can deliver on a tight schedule, and keep projects on budget. No matter what project we’re leading or how small the task, safety is always our top priority and is the foundation for everything we do.

Primary specializes in distribution utility construction and multi-party installation, construction management and procurement, serving a number of industries including developers, civil engineering firms and utilities.


  • Overhead and underground construction of new facilities including the modification or extension of existing facilities.
  • Overhead and underground maintenance on existing facilities.
  • Hauling of poles and materials from various material yards to job sites.
  • Careful salvage of reusable equipment and material, including the crating and packing.
  • Supplying qualified staff to undertake operation of apparatus associated with the electric distribution system.


Primary has completed a wide range of commercial projects ranging from your family-owned corner store to runway lighting at the Calgary International Airport. Whether you're going overhead or underground, require a single pole, single transformer service or multiple kilometers of line, we can take your project through to the finish line.


Our team is experienced in the construction of underground and overhead power lines, in and around residential developments. Whether it is a small townhouse development or a large subdivision, Primary understands the nuances of working with developers and the importance of getting your project done on schedule.

Joint Use

We provide professional installation and coordination of multiple utilities in a common trench, a cost effective approach and a best practice for construction. Primary installs one to four party installations (Power, Telephone, Cable/Fibre Optic and Gas.) Our crews are experienced in joint use construction for both overhead and underground applications. We've provided a wide range of joint use services to utilities including:

  • Duct bank installation
  • Overhead line installation
  • One to four party underground construction for new developments

Street Lighting

Primary has installed a countless number of lights and street lights across Western Canada. Providing design, project management and construction of exterior lighting, we always meet all regulated and suggested standards. Through optimal design and use of the most current lighting systems, we're able to deliver projects that consider aesthetics, cost and energy efficiency, and above all, safety. Projects include:

  • Residential and commercial roadway lighting
  • Highway lighting for Alberta Transportation
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Parks and pathway lighting

Project Management

Project management and project execution are practices that Primary professionally manages no matter the size of the project. Primary implements strategies that use techniques and practices in daily activities that ensure projects are completed safely, and are managed in a coordinated way to deliver benefits and control to our client's project requirements. Our construction managers work closely with the design teams to ensure projects are highly constructible. Some of our services include:

  • Monitoring of safety and environmental performance
  • Forecasting, tracking and management of project budgets
  • Creation and maintenance of project construction schedules
  • Site management, coordination of contractors and progress reporting
  • Contract management
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Turnover documentation
  • Shutdown planning

Oil & Energy Sector Work

Working on a Design-Build or construction only project in support of our energy partners in Alberta is in line with the professional engineering and construction services Primary offers. Past projects include windfarms, developer lands, privately owned lands and work in remote areas.

Health, Safety & Environment is our Primary focus.

There's nothing more important than doing our job safely.

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